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Benefits of LED’s

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  • Benefits of LED’s

The primary benefit of LED technology is the tremendous cost savings for the user as a result of eliminating replacement cost, lowering power consumption, and reducing operating temperatures. Moreover, LED lamps improve efficiency by providing reliable status indication.

When cold, incandescent filament draws ten times as much current as it does during normal operation. The initial powering of hundreds of incandescent bulbs simultaneously causes significant voltage surges that lead to lamp failures.

LED lamps are designed with series resistors to limit the operating current, resulting in no cold filament current variation.

Designed as drop-in replacements, LED lamps offer several advantages compared to incandescent bulbs.

LED’s at Work

Using LED’s at work and saving money while maintaining good lighting requires thought and some basic changes. Most work areas need at least two types of lighting:

  • Light to navigate the work space safely.
  • Light to carry out the task at hand (task lighting).

Since LED light bulbs are directional, they are perfect for task lighting. With a little planning and experimentation, once you achieve the setup that is right for the job the only difference you will notice will be the monetary reduction savings on your electricity bill.

Lighting maintenance can be both costly and time consuming, especially in commercial buildings. LED lighting offers a perfect solution for the growing need to reduce carbon emissions, electricity bills and annual maintenance costs.

  • Better lighting within the workplace means happier and more productive employees.
  • By not containing any toxic elements and being super energy efficient, LED lighting is environmentally friendly and helps reduce your carbon footprint.
  • LED’s are much less likely to break compared to traditional lighting as they are resistant to vibrations and impact.
  • There is no mercury in LED’s so when they eventually come to the end of their lifespan they do not require any special re-cycling disposal.
  • The range of LED lighting is vast and due to their compact size they can be fitted almost anywhere.