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Kyman Ledtex is a UK Registered Company specialising in LED lighting, with an office in Shanghai, which manages the Quality Control and Product Research and Development. The Kyman Ledtex brand is built upon providing efficient, safe and environmentally friendly lighting.

Kyman Ledtex products are sourced from related but largely non-dependant technologies and have been selected to enable Kyman Ledtex to take each product through development using its own resources. This strategy has allowed Kyman Ledtex greater value and greater control of production timelines and to mitigate the risks of dependency of any one particular product range. Today it differentiates itself by offering a broad range of high quality products at competitive prices with particular emphasis on high quality, a strong ethical approach to business and continuous leadership and innovation.

Products are improved and developed to ensure the company leads in terms of components/ materials used and integrity of sourcing.

  • High quality LED’s at competitive prices: To build on and stretch the lead in LED lighting. By sharing our customer’s passion for products that are environmentally friendly and cost effective. Kyman Ledtex will continue to innovate and provide leadership in delivering quality products at competitive prices, sourced with integrity.
  • Accelerating the growth of LED lighting: To continue to develop and accelerate the development of lighting product ranges following the same principles of quality, value and innovation and to provide a broader experience for customers.
  • Reaching more customers through additional channels: To extend the reach of the Kyman Ledtex name by additional advertising and other marketing strategies. To co-operate with leading wholesalers/ resellers within the UK to extend our product availability.