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Argus Fluid Handling Case Study

Argus Fluid Handling Case Study

Argus Fluid Handling Ltd in Salisbury, Wiltshire (part of Hiflex Europe), is dedicated to providing high quality and cost effective design and production of hose and tube assemblies for a wide range of markets. With operations in the UK and Mainland Europe, Hiflex are well equipped to offer a complete package solution for major OEM customers. Whether your requirement is for flexible or rigid pipework or a combination of both, you can rely on Hiflex Europe to design, assemble, test and provide optimised logistics support.

Kyman Ledtex approached Argus Fluid Handling regarding their lighting and whether they had recently looked at upgrading to LED’s. We were briefed to not only save energy and maintenance costs but to also improve the lighting levels throughout.

After looking at a number of new LED fixture options, and evaluating total installation costs of fixture replacement, we was ready to consider fixture retro-fit and replacing the whole site with a combination of KYMAN® LED tubes and LED panels, with some offices on PIR sensors.

The areas which were identified for the lighting to be evaluated were the warehouse, offices and exterior areas. A range of lighting products were used throughout the premises mainly consisting of 6ft and 5ft fluorescent tube, magnetic ballast and 4 tube modular. Under the existing lighting levels the fluorescent tubes were proving not to be suitable for the current working environment.

The longer life of the LED tubes also means less actual waste disposal of failed tubes, starters and ballasts, which has significant environmental benefits as fluorescents contain the toxic chemicals phosphor, mercury and lead, as well as being made of glass.

We used 5500K colour temperature to produce a clean white light throughout the premises. Our install team replaced the existing wiring where applicable and completed way within schedule, a simple and cost effective solution for alleviating maintenance, providing a uniform and constant light output with no maintenance.

With the standard 5year warranty offered, the ownership cost savings on lamps make the economic payback even more compelling.

Kyman Ledtex completed all the relevant documentation and arranged the Carbon Trust Loan for Argus Fluid Handling.

The whole process was professionally completed, which has enabled us to complete the lighting on other sites within
their business.

“We were looking to reduce electricity consumption as part of our ISO14001 requirements and improve the lighting levels in production. I believed Kyman was the best in achieving our desired results with clear and concise information that was provided in relation to costs and savings for our business.

We have achieved substantial reductions in cost and significantly improved levels of lighting throughout. Working with Kyman was a seamless transaction with very little fuss. I would recommend to consider the before and after situation, however the improvement after the installation is significant and the workforce generally are very happy with the improved environment”.

Kevin Burrows, Sales Director

Headline Savings

  • Electricity savings: (Lighting element only) 66%
  • Annual CO2 savings: 125,813 KG
  • Payback Period: 3.08 years