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Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd Case Study

Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd Case Study

Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd makes essential energy savings with a new KYMAN® LED lighting scheme. Britain’s oldest wine and spirit merchant, established in the 17th century were honoured to hold two Royal Warrants for H.M. The Queen and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. The Kyman Ledtex team proposed to install a lighting upgrade throughout their 90,000 sq ft warehouse in Basingstoke.

The premises manager for the site built in 1967, Alan Poole, was keen to replace the current inefficient T8 and T12 tube fittings, especially within their cold stores. “The cooler temperature of the cold stores was suitable for our old fittings”, the coolers ensured that the stores stayed at a temperature of 12°C, though when Berry Bros. & Rudd needed some routine repair works done on the coolants, the temperature in the stores rose by 2°C, and the tubes started to fail.

One of our Product Specialists at Kyman Ledtex, recommended our KYMAN® High Output (HO) tubes not only due to their impeccable consistent performance in lower temperatures but also due to their particularly high luminous flux. The HO tubes shine a lot brighter than conventional fluorescent lamps and so they were certain to achieve a higher lux level throughout the mezzanine grid floor even to the lower level racking. This proved extremely effective as Berry Bros. and Rudd’s energy usage was reduced by nearly 75% in the wine bin area alone.

One of the forgotten benefits of LED lighting is that there is no heat produced. This means that with the new upgrade, the coolant unit does not have to work as hard to maintain a cool temperature throughout the stores, saving even more money! The new KYMAN® LED tubes vastly improved the lighting levels throughout the entire warehouse. A ‘like for like’ replacement program was implemented and PIR motion sensor were installed in between racking aisles. These ensured a maximum return on investment along with additional saved energy on lighting along unoccupied walkways.

Kyman ensured a smooth installation and met the clients needs promptly with little disturbance to the daily timetable. Overall, Berry Bros. and Rudd lighting across their site is brighter, offering employees an enhanced working environment. Additionally, Berry Bros. and Rudd have been able to substantially reduce their carbon footprint and save money all at the same time.

“Kyman won the contract not only by being the cheapest quote but they showed a vision to work professionally with us and to work round some of the issues that our site has, in particular the re-using of fittings where there is Asbestos present, as this could not be removed or disturbed. They were able to provide the perfect solution and were very efficient in understanding our needs. Kyman Ledtex were also aware that the lighting had to work through a mezzanine grid and were able to light the area below to the highest standard – a huge improvement compared to what was already in place. The biggest benefit has been in the reduction of energy, which was noticeable even during the first month of installation. A decrease of 14% Kw/H just for July year on year has been met already; we are excited to see savings during the winter! I would certainly advise any client to install KYMAN LEDs purely for the reduction in maintenance costs and the energy savings alone.”

Alan Poole, Site Services Manager

Headline Savings

  • Electricity savings: (Lighting element only) 82%
  • Annual CO2 savings: 50,652 KG
  • Payback Period: 3.42 years