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Explore Worldwide Case Study

Explore Worldwide Case Study

Explore Worldwide specialise in small group adventure holidays. Their head office, based in Farnborough completed a KYMAN® LED Lighting Upgrade in January 2014, consisting of both luminaire and retro fit upgrades throughout their main offices, resulting in an increased LUX light level while providing substantial annual electricity and CO2 savings.

The client was seeking an LED lighting upgrade throughout their entire site. Kyman Ledtex worked together alongside Explore Worldwide’s Facilities Manager to provide a full solution.

The main goal of Explore’s project was to environmentally enhance the current lighting across their premises along with reducing energy bills substantially year after year.

The installation stage was broken down into 7 phases, enabling different areas to be fitted throughout the premises with minimal disruption to Explore’s team. Where possible, Kyman Ledtex provided retro-fittings to keep costs down and to ensure that optimum savings were achieved. LED tubes, G24’s, GU10s and bulkheads were specified for most areas. KYMAN®’s new Smart LED bulkhead was the perfect solution for areas where occupancy is irregular or intermittent, such as the toilets and corridors.

KYMAN® LED Smart Bulkheads have a built -in microwave/daylight sensor combined with a dim-down/turn off capability meaning they will maximise Explore Worldwide’s energy savings. This new technology means that there is no need to rely on a switch to turn them on and off.

Additionally, Explore Worldwide has a car park underneath their offices which Kyman fitted with new high spec IP65 LED Battens. These are produced to the highest possible build quality and with a beam angle of 140°, meaning that are perfect for lighting enclosed car parks due to their opal lens which reduces glare and IP65 rated protection. The project has reduced Explore Worldwide’s Carbon CO2 emissions by a substantial 38,500KG, along with saving more than two-thirds off their annual /monthly electricity lighting bill.

“Things are really good here and we’ve been seeing some great reductions in our energy consumption since the completion of the project.

Working with Kyman has been a pleasure, installing their products has certainly reduced the amount of energy we consume and we have already started to notice the difference on our electricity savings… the savings are huge! And of
course we like that we are now more environmentally conscious, particularly with reducing our CO2 emissions.

I am very impressed with the service that we received throughout the project and we are very happy with the project which Kyman provided, very professional and I would highly recommend.”

Facilities Manager

Headline Savings

  • Electricity savings (Lighting element only) 63%
  • Annual CO2 savings: 38,538 KG
  • Payback Period: Less than 4 years