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Portway Domestic Appliances Case Study

Portway Domestic Appliances Case Study

Portway Domestic Appliances was formed in 1989 and still operates from its base in Andover Hampshire. Portway are a wholesale supplier of top quality domestic appliances supplying over 20 major brands nationwide from their large purpose built warehousing and distribution centre.

The lighting throughout Portway’s premises required upgrading and Kyman’s proposed measures to update their site
lighting to reduce energy consumption, maximise savings and to increase the lux levels. A lighting system designed by Kyman Ledtex enabled Portway to reduce power usage without comprising on lighting quality.

The warehousing was in significant need of a lighting renovation as a large percentage of the fittings were not sufficient and the T12 fluorescent tubes are now obsolete and will be increasingly harder and more expensive to purchase. Motion detectors / energy saving devices had been considered for all areas of low occupancy to save the maximum amount of energy. Fittings throughout the entire premises are shatter proof and (if required) dust proof.

For Portway’s entire warehouse, fluorescent tubes will be directly replaced with KYMAN® LED 50W LINO luminaires. These fittings are ideal for warehousing areas below 12M producing shadow-less light with a wide beam angle directing the clean white light where it is required, instead of losing 50% of the light by throwing it upwards as the existing fluorescent tubes were currently doing.

In the canteen/kitchen, stairwells and offices the 1200×600 and 600×600 3/4 tube fittings were replaced with 600×600 KYMAN® LED panels reducing the wattage from each fitting, whilst giving out a cleaner daylight white light that has less glare. Within the lavatories PIR sensors were implemented, which meant during low traffic periods in the facility, the lights would switch off.

The halogen and sodium flood lighting surrounding the entire outside building has been replaced with KYMAN® LED
floodlights. Kyman’s LED floodlights are IP65 marine grade luminaires that will provide a consistent high level of clean daylight white light around the entire premises. Every luminaire will be fully automated, only turning on throughout the night when the lux levels outside have decreased.

The floodlights have improved the lighting throughout the carpark, ensuring safekeeping for all the parked cars and
safety of staff when walking to and from the building. LED is very economic when connected with a dimming or sensor system.

Headline Savings

  • Electricity savings: (Lighting element only) 77%
  • Annual CO2 savings: 69,258 KG
  • Payback Period: 3.17 years