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2D LED Lamps

2D LED Lamps

KYMAN® 2D LED lamps have been designed to operate like a standard fluorescent 2D lamp and will fit into most existing fittings with little to no alterations required.

Advance driver technology incorporates over-load, power surge and overheat protection which allows these lamps to operate continuously without fear of overheating and will have an average lamp life of up-to 50,000 hours.

KYMAN® 2D LED lamps are ideal for hallways, stairways, commercial applications and many more. They are compatible with most types of occupancy sensors and the operating life does not get affected by the continuous ON/ OFF cycles when used in conjunction with sensors. Instant start up, full brightness and no flicker, combined with at least 70% energy saving compared to conventional CFL 2D’s making these lamps ideal for applications where maintenance and reliability are critical.


Technical Specification:

  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Working voltage: 100V-240VAC
  • Power factor: >0.9
  • CRI: Ra 80
  • Beam angle: 120°
  • Protection: IP44
  • LED source: SMD
  • Base: GR10 (4-pin)
  • Working temperature: -25°C ~ 45°C
Product code Wattage Colour Temperature Lumens
2D12SMD39 12 4000K 1000
2D12SMD32 12 5700K 1050