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2G11 LED (PL-L) Lamps

KYMAN® 2G11 lamps are assembled using the highest grade SMD LED’s and components to ensure reliability and efficient heat management to ensure optimal levels of light. Integrated constant current LED driver generates less heat and lengthens the life of the lamp. Designed to replace conventional PL-L lamps, the KYMAN® 2G11 will easily out perform its predecessor, offering up to 40,000hrs lamp life, high lumen output, low power consumption and better quality light.

Technical Specification:

  • 2G11 (4-pin) connectors
  • Working Voltage: 100V-240VAC
  • Power: 8W/12W/18W/22W
  • Protection: IP44
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Working temp: -20°C~+40°C
Product code Wattage Colour Temperature Lumens Length
2G1108W59 8W 4500K 630 227mm
2G1108W52 8W 5500K 660 227mm
2G1112W59 12W 4500K 940 322mm
2G1112W52 12W 5500K 990 322mm
2G1118W59 18W 4500K 1150 417mm
2G1118W52 18W 5500K 1210 417mm
2G1122W59 22W 4500K 1720 547mm
2G1122W52 22W 5500K 1810 547mm