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G24 SB LED (PL) Lamps

KYMAN® SB G24 (PL) replacement lamps have been specially adapted to fit into existing G24 (d/q) 2 & 4 pin fittings, complete with a rotatable base cap which will enable the beam pattern to be adjusted, delivering precise light distribution. Installed with the latest super bright LED’s producing higher lumens per watt, they make a good solution for direct replacement of CFL lamps. Opal lens cover ensure soft and even light distributions, limiting glare and keeping the traditional look of a CFL.

KYMAN® G24 (PL) V2 SB replacement lamps are equipped with isolated and constant current driver ensuring optimum stability and longevity. Compatible emergency inverter available for these lamps, should you require emergency lighting applications.

Technical Specification

  • Lamp base: G24 d/q
  • Working voltage: 100V-240VAC
  • Power: 5W/7W
  • Length: 147mm (5W) 172mm (7W)
  • Protection: IP40
  • Beam angle: 140°
  • Working temp: -20°C~+40°C
Product code Wattage Colour Temperature Lumens Length
G24SB059-V2 5W 4000K 570 147mm
G24SB052-V2 5W 5500K 600 147mm
G24SB079-V2 7W 4000K 720 172mm
G24SB072-V2 7W 5500K 760 172mm