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  •  Close up view of singe led directional fixtures called PAR30 X1 with white theme in a white background.

PAR30 X1 LED Directional Fixtures

KYMAN® Directional fixtures are design to provide a perfect combination of design and performance for today’s lighting technologies. They offer high colour rendering (Ra>88) to maximise true colours where colour definition is important. The LED’s are reverse facing which projects the light directly onto the high performance reflector. This in-turn enables better beam control, reduced glare and provides a higher optical efficiency. Dimmable models can work on most leading and trailing edge dimmers, with a possible dimmable range of 1%-100%.

Technical Specification

  • Dimension: 170mm x 140mm
  • Beam angle: 12°/24°/35
  • Light intensity: (cd) 11000/4200/2000
  • Tilting angle: Horizontal 330°, Vertical 40°
  • Rated voltage: 220~240VAC
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Lumen: 500lm
  • Dimming system: most leading and trailing edge
  • Dimming range: 1%-100%
  • Operating temperature: -30°C~+40°C
  • Colour rendering index: Ra>88
  • Base Cap: ES (E27)
Product Code Wattage Colour Temperature Lumens Description
DLF311P1 10W 3000K 500 Single lamp
DLF311P9 10W 4000K 525 Single lamp
DLF311P2 10W 5000K 550 Single lamp
DLF311P1 20W 3000K 1000 Twin lamp
DLF311P9 20W 4000K 1050 Twin lamp
DLF311P2 20W 5000K 1100 Twin lamp
DLF311P1 30W 3000K 1500 Triple lamp
DLF311P9 30W 4000K 1575 Triple lamp
DLF311P2 30W 5000K 1650 Triple lamp