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Rich Products Case Study

Rich Products Case Study

Food Industry Pioneer: Rich Products Corporation contacted Kyman Ledtex because Maintenance Manager Dave Snell wanted to upgrade the fluorescent lighting on their stairwells at their site in Fareham, Hampshire. Pleased with the result, Dave came to Kyman Ledtex for a second project involving a HD Flood Lighting Proposal.

Dave Snell invited Kyman Ledtex to complete a site survey in 2012. The current lighting seemed to be dim in a few areas and the fittings were highly inefficient . Kyman Ledtex were able to provide and install a simple upgrade replacing the existent 600×600 CAT grid fluorescents, running at a total of 3000W with new 2ft T8 SMD LED Tubes running at a total of 1400W. KYMAN® T8 SMD tubes were the perfect solution because they are produced to the highest possible build quality. Their adjustable end caps as standard allowed for optimal direction of light and as a result the stairwells were a lot brighter.

Rich Products benefitted from nearly a £2300 saving annually on electricity bills just from this area alone.

Rich Products were very happy with the first installation and approached Kyman Ledtex with a separate concern a few months later. Dave explained how some of his lighting in the warehouse was starting to “give up due to new machines being installed”, Kyman were happy to provide a solution.

Rich Products’ warehouse previously had 250W Metal Halide lamps fixed which are inefficient and tend to deteriorate in strength over their lifetime because of various factors, such as chemical attack, thermal stress and mechanical vibration, hence the failures when new machines were installed. Kyman Ledtex recommended KYMAN® Heavy duty flood lights due to their high performance luminaires that use premium grade multicore LED’s for optimum light output with minimal loss over time. This made a huge difference to the overall appearance of the warehouse and employees of Rich Products were very happy with the new changes.

Overall the LED lighting upgrade was successful and provided minimal disruption during the site installation. Kyman Ledtex worked closely with their installation partner ensuring that the install was proficient and that the fittings were in place within the given timescale. Just by upgrading the lighting across these two areas, Rich Products were able to save 71.40% off their electricity bill. Their site is now more energy efficient as they have reduced their carbon emissions significantly by 115,520 (Annual KW/h x 0.5246 KG).

Headline Savings

  • Electricity savings: (Lighting element only) 72%
  • Annual CO2 savings: 40,687 KG
  • Payback Period: 1.42 years