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Customer Testimonials

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“Kyman provided us with a prompt service with greater attention to detail and after sales care. They have been able to establish our specific client requirements and meet them with the minimum disruption to our daily activities.”

Zina Willett Financial Controller

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“Working with Kyman Ledtex has been a very positive experience; I am particularly pleased with the savings that we are making. I have had feedback from colleagues in the warehouse to say that the lighting is a vast improvement. We are much happier with the lighting in the warehouse now, especially from a safety point of view and employees are finding it much easier to read things such as packaging thanks to the KYMAN® products being specified.”

Noel Fensome Financial Director

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“We needed the lighting levels throughout our site to be more efficient and Kyman Ledtex were able to offer a full smooth service. The effective project management led to a successful installation and we are certainly impressed at how helpful the aftercare service of the Kyman Ledtex team was. We upgraded our lighting in our warehousing, offices and surrounding staff areas, managing to save a huge amount on electricity annually. We had no problems at all with the project and the lighting itself is brilliant.”

Richard Lambourne Director

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“Kyman won the contract not only by being the cheapest quote but they showed a vision to work professionally with us and to work round some of the issues that our site has, in particular the re-using of fittings where there is Asbestos present, as this could not be removed or disturbed, they were able to provide the perfect solution and were very efficient in understanding our needs. Kyman Ledtex were also aware that the lighting had to work through a mezzanine grid and were able to light the area below to the highest standard – a huge improvement compared to what was already in place. The biggest benefit has been in the reduction of energy, which was noticeable even during the first month of installation. A decrease of 14% Kw/H just for July year on year has been met already; we are excited to see savings during the winter! I would certainly advise any client to install Kyman LED’s purely for the reduction in maintenance costs and the energy savings alone.”

Alan Poole Site Services Manager

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“We were looking to reduce electricity consumption as part of our ISO14001 requirements and improve the lighting levels in production. I believed Kyman was the best in achieving our desired results with clear and concise information that was provided in relation to costs and savings for our business.

We have achieved substantial reductions in cost and significantly improved levels of lighting throughout.Working with Kyman was a seamless transaction with very little fuss. I would recommend to consider the before and after situation, however the improvement after the installation is significant and the workforce generally are very happy with the improved environment.”

Kevin Burrows Sales Director

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“Our company recently worked with Kyman to look at our lighting for an upgrade to reduce the overall lighting power consumption and to save money. The Kyman team put all the necessary procedures in the place and implemented a safe and non-disturbing work environment for our staff. We were all very impressed with the level of service and quality of products Kyman provided to us. I would recommend them to any company looking to reduce energy consumption that wants a full turkey solution.”

Tony Valant Facility Manager

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“The team at Kyman provided a perfect solution for our training rooms and office areas. We now use fewer lights and the rooms are brighter than when we used the original fluorescent tubes and our electricity bill has reduced dramatically.”

Peter Timmers General Manager

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“Overall the entire project went as planned. The lights in our premises look really good and the upgrade was definitely worth going ahead with. All the staff that I spoke to at Kyman were very professional and the installation team were well trained and efficient.”

Kelly Argarve Facilities co-ordinator

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“The new LED fittings use only half of the energy of the original lights as stated by Kyman. We are very impressed with the quality of the products and the light output. The new LED lights will also considerably reduce maintenance costs which is a bonus.”

Steven Knights Facility Manager

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“We had several trial area’s set up by a number of companies as we were unsure which company to go with and wanted to go with the company which provided the best products as cheap and cheerful was not an option. While a couple of companies failed, the challenges we put up to Kyman went the extra mile in terms of necessities and service. Half year down the line, we can now look back at the lighting project that we have completed together with the knowledge that we have haven chosen correctly. Kyman products, service, warranty, delivery and customer satisfaction are second to none. Highly recommended!”

Geoffrey Kennington Facilities Manager

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“Lighting is a major part of us achieving our carbon footprint reduction goals. When lighting was discussed as the next project to be completed, we wanted to find solutions that not only enhanced our lighting quality but also to reduce our energy consumption. Kyman Ledtex were able to offer a solution that ticked all the correct boxes. Not only are we noticing a real cost savings on our energy bills but the light colour, output and uniformity is fantastic and the staff are benefiting from the improved lighting. As a whole we are delighted with the installation and are now looking at further projects aimed at improving our office lighting.”

Andrew Shalton Operations Manager

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“We had looked at a number of well-known lighting companies in the nearby areas to get different quotes for our lighting project, and Kyman was the one company that stood out for us. Kyman surveyed the areas required and discussed our specific lighting requirements with us. From the word go, their attention to detail was amazing, nothing was ever too much trouble and everything was about us, ultimately getting the right solution for the individual application. As a company, we are delighted with the results and can honestly say we got what we wanted.”

Susan Colts Project Engineer

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“Thanks to Kyman and the wonderful friendly team for a flawless job. Having LED lighting installed for the entire building, the lighting makes the building look more modern and welcoming. The team took it upon themselves to help fix some issues with our existing fittings. Keep up the good work. I’ll definitely be recommending Kyman to anyone interested in having great looking premises with LED lighting.”

Jim Wright Operations Manager

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“The lighting throughout our building required an upgrade. We had a lighting installation carried out on our premises and I am very pleased with Kyman and the friendly service provided, from the initial enquiry to the final touches. The new lighting is tremendous and appreciated by all the staff. Kyman’s installation team was professional, efficient and friendly. Should I need further lighting changes in the future, Kyman will definitely, without a doubt, be my first port of call.”

Andrew Barnes Finance Manager

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“Kyman Ledtex were able to assess our current lighting systems and propose suitable energy alternatives to suit our needs and facilities. Their attentiveness allowed the preparation of an accurate business case for retrofitting the lighting system. Kyman’s products and installation provided excellent value for money. We experienced no disruptions to our business throughout the installation and the staff are very happy with the new lighting quality.”

Simon Alan Operations Manager

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“I am certainly overwhelmed with the install in terms of the job Kyman completed/ efficiency and the finished result with the visual look of the lights which ties in with our aim to improve the working environment. The staff are generally hard to please, but when I questioned them about the changes, they were certainly in agreement with myself. Without hesitation, I would recommend anyone to speak to the Kyman team and they will give you the solution you need.”

Jimmy Swayden Projects Manager

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“At first I did not understand why our company should switch to LED lighting as I did not think lighting really contributed much to our electricity bills. However, when we looked at the figures, we were amazed at how much we could save and we are already noticing significant savings per quarter. We looked around at a few lighting companies, but decided to go with Kyman because they showed a genuine interest and communication never failed me, which reassured me we would receive a great lighting upgrade.”

Nigel Coleman Finance Director

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“The lighting upgrade has been really good and we’ve been seeing some great savings in our energy bills since the completion of the project.

Installing Kyman products has certainly reduced the amount of energy we use and have already started to notice the difference in savings. As a company we are now more environmentally conscious, particular with reducing our CO2 emissions. I am delighted to have worked with Kyman, the service that was provided from start to finish was very professional and I would be recommending them to our other sites.”

James Remond Facilities Manager

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“I received a rapid response regarding my query from Kyman and a site visit and inspection happened as arranged. Helpful advice, reports and a quote was provided promptly. With the integration of intelligent controls, we have made further reductions on our energy usage and given the units will run maintenance free. Overall I had a very positive and pleasing experience working with Kyman.”

Adele Dixon Production & Fulfilment Manager

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“We have recently converted the lights in our office to LED, supplied by Kyman and couldn’t be more content. The purchasing procedure was easy.We are excited about taking one step closer to becoming on eco-friendly office. Thank you.”

Andrew Carter Group Procurement Manager

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“I have used Kyman on a number of occasions and have found that they are the one company that is always prompt and go out of their way to help. Kyman are concise, efficient and very reliable for all of our business lighting needs. I have always felt that their great customer service and work conducted have met all of my requirements, expectations and beyond. The teamare always very helpful and their policy to maintain a high quality relationship has always been achieved.”

Josh Beacon Environmental Manager

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“Trying to find a company that is reliable, honest, could meet my requirements and provide a return on investment advantages to my business was extremely challenging and daunting. Fortunately, I was introduced to Kyman Ledtex and the level of service the company provided me in meeting all my requirements was second to none. Not only did they provide light fittings necessary to meet the LUX required and survived the hostile environment. I can, without any hesitation, recommend Kyman for any demanding commercial lighting projects.”

Philip Sanders Branch Manager

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“The Kyman team have been very helpful in more ways than I could have ever imagined. The advice and recommendation given was clear and precise. The work on upgrading our office lighting with the LED panels looks great and has transformed our office radically, providing better lighting throughout the building. Our staff are very happy with the results and adapted to the changes very quickly. It has been a pleasure to work with Kyman.”

Darren Newton Projects Manager

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“Having Kyman organise the installation and complete the required paperwork for us, it made the whole process run smoothly and professionally. Just in the first few months, since the conversion we have seen a significant reductions in our monthly energy consumption, as well as a reduction in maintenance hours as informed. Kyman were very helpful from day one and I would not hesitate to go back to them in the future.”

Geoffrey Jones Maintenance Manager

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“Speaking on behalf of my management team, I was very impressed with Kyman’s efficient and professional approach that not only inspired confidence, but created the results we were looking to achieve. I would recommend Kyman to any company looking for energy efficient lighting solutions.”

Michael Goodsby Engineering Manager

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“Firstly I would like a say a massive thank you to the Kyman team, their customer service and value for money are outstanding. The punctuality in which the reply to any of my queries was also exceptional. It has and will be a pleasure dealing with Kyman in the future. I have no hesitation in recommending Kyman to any businesses and anyone who is willing to listen and take advice on board.”

Pamela Reynolds Maintenance Manager

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“I want to personally thank Kyman for such a good, speedy and accurate service. Our original light arrived slightly damaged but Kyman made it very easy to get a replacement which arrived the following day. My whole experience has been excellent.”

Claire Simons Facilities Manager

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“Thank you for your advice on the LED panels for our office lighting. I’m very impressed with the approach and service of the staff at Kyman. Great work and highly recommended.”

Henry Hook Energy Manager

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“Kyman took the time to understand the needs of the business and the business needs of the clients. I was explained each step of the process and the project was completed within budgetary requirements. Kyman have a great teamand are very easy to work with. They provide timely responses and offer very high quality products. I am very happy with the final results and could not fault them in anyway.”

Collin Jackson Project Manager

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“The Kyman team provided us with exceptional customer service from our first meeting to the final installation. We decided to do our installation in 3 stages due to the nature of the business, and the only regret is not doing it earlier. I have already recommended Kyman to other contacts who require their lighting looked at and I will continue to use Kyman in our other businesses.”

Rita McCorrs Finance Director

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“Kyman Ledtex is a company with professional and well-organised staff providing a first class service with the state of the art LED products – both in efficiency, illumination, quality and cost. They have been able to establish our specific client requirements and meet them with the minimum disruption to our daily activities. Kyman provided us with a prompt service with great attention to detail and after sales care. Overall Kyman Ledtex provided an excellent service all round! Products met our requirements and delivered stated savings.”

Paul Butcher Managing Director

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“I am very happy with the products supplied and installed by the Kyman team, the products are functional and of great quality. Care was taken to ensure that the project ran smoothly, the Kyman team were professional maintaining efficiency and a high level of customer service meaning there was minimal disruption to the work environment.”

Paul McGarry Service & Maintenance Manager

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“Kyman LED managed our lighting upgrade project and installed the lights just before winter. They have since made a huge difference within our premises, especially the warehouse. We had quite a few faulty lights in our warehouse at the time we were thinking about upgrading our lighting, and rather than paying for hiring a cherry-picker machine and someone to replace the fluorescent tubes, it seemed like a ‘no-brainer’ to directly upgrade to Kyman LED tubes – especially when the financial savings we would be making on our electricity bill showed to be so extensive. We didn’t even really notice how yellow and dull the lights were before we upgraded. We must have been working under such poor light conditions as our old fittings and tubes were not only dim and inefficient, they were also covered in dust and black! It only took a few days to fit the whole site and we really notice the difference already, it was easy to adjust to the change in light levels.”

Paul Cattell Managing Director

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“In the warehouses, the light was so dim, I would have to take whatever I was reading outside so I could actually read what was on the page! The new lights that Kyman LED has provided are miles better and a major improvement from what we had before – I can’t believe that they are working out to be cheaper and saving the company money too! What a difference!”

Steve Beck General Manager

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“The lights that Kyman LED has replaced the stores and warehouses with are of a much more natural light and as I only have one eye, the lighting level at work is really important for me. It has become a lot easier to adjust to the difference in lighting levels especially after looking at a screen. Natural light coloured LEDs is overall a lot brighter and better for me than the yellow lights.”

Dean DeFroitas Warehouse Stores Team

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“We would just like to say we are very pleased with the service we have received from Kyman LED. The installation of our Led Lighting project with Kyman LED went very smoothly and we were told we would save a set amount off our electricity bill and this has found to be true. The after sales service is second to none. We had a minor problem and Kyman came to see us almost immediately and solved it. We would recommend Kyman if you are looking to change your lighting system to LED.”

Lesley Bishop General Manager

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“I would often see spots from going from one area in the warehouse to another just because of the drastic changes in lighting levels. Looking at a computer screen and then having to work under orange lights would mean that I would get headaches, however since the lights have been replaced to Kyman LEDs – I do not have any difficulties and have not encountered any eye-strain related headaches at work. Huge improvement.”

Richard Dorke Warehouse Stores Team